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Wide Band Oxidized Sterling Ring with Black Diamond 8 mm


8 mm wide sterling silver ring with oxidized, rough finish and flush set black diamond.


Wide Sterling Silver Ring with Black Flush Set Diamond placed off-center.

The ring measures approximately 8 mm in with and 1.25 mm in thickness.

The tiny diamond is 1.3 mm round, flush set off-center.   The diamond has been heat treated for a deep black color.

I work with ethically sourced diamonds and reclaimed metals.

Oxidized, scruffed up patina.

The patina is a surface treatment and will fade with wearing.  There are ways to restore the finish – please have a look at my Q&A section.

Custom made to order in your size, lead time about 4 weeks, but often I can get your ring made sooner.  Wide bands fit differently than slimmer ones – you will most often need a larger size and a professional jeweler can determine this best so it is great if you can try on rings that are 8 mm in a few shops.

Any questions, please let me know and thank you.

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