rough finish black diamond ring
handmade ring with black diamond

Black Diamond Ring Wide Band Oxidized Rough Finish


Handcrafted sterling silver ring with rough finish and small flush set black diamond.  Great for men or women.


A handcrafted black diamond ring of sterling silver with a unique oxidized, rough finish.

This wide band ring measures approximately 6 mm in width and 1.25 mm in depth.

The tiny black diamond is 1.3 mm round, flush set off-center.   The diamond has been heat treated for a deep black color.

Oxidized, scruffed up patina.

The patina is a surface treatment and will fade with wearing.  There are ways to restore the finish – please have a look at my Q&A’s.

Reclaimed metal, eco-friendly, non-conflict gemstone.

Great wedding band for men or women.

Custom made to order in your size, lead time about 4 weeks, but often I can get your ring made sooner.

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